Monday, April 2, 2007

My Thoughts on Opening Day

I just got back from the Twins opener about an hour ago. The Twins took it 7-4 over the Orioles. Johan Santana pitched 6 innings, giving up 4 runs, and striking out 6 for the win. MVP Justin Morneau and Torii Hunter hit back to back homer runs in the 2nd. The bullpen performed capably and Joe Nathan pitched the ninth for his 1st save of the season. It was a good way to open the 2007 campaign for the Twins.

While I was quite busy tonight I did make a few observations about the new season.

Baggie Advertising: I may have gone to too many baseball games over the past few years since one of the things I was most looking forward to this opening day was the new Dodge Truck ad on the baggie in right field. The new ad features a bat in mid-swing being broken by the Dodge Truck. The ad is not as good as last years Cute./Anything But. ad comparing the Twins' mascot T.C. Bear and the Dodge Truck, but it is eye-catching.

Souvenir Sodas: At every stadium Peter and I visit we acquire a souvenir cup. This year the Twins have designed their cups to look like the backs of the player's jerseys. There is definitely a Hunter cup and a Mauer cup. I will assume this is a four cup set and there are also Santana and Morneau cups but I did not see either of these tonight.

That's all I really had time to see tonight. More observations, hopefully coming this week.

Standings after Opening Day:

Brewers 1-0 (defeated LA Dodgers 7-1)
Twins 1-0 (defeated Baltimore Orioles 7-4)
Reds 1-0 (defeated Chicago Cubs 5-1)

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