Monday, April 30, 2007

Josh Hancock 1978-2007

On early Sunday morning, Cardinals middle reliever Josh Hancock died in an automobile accident; he was only 29. This brought back eerie memories of five years prior for the Cards, when starting pitcher Darryl Kile unexpectedly passed away. Hancock hit a tow truck early just past midnight and died on impact.

I feel a little selfish because I heard of the Cards-Cubs game being cancelled on Sunday Night Baseball before I knew the reason why, and I was very upset that my weekly tradition would not happen this week. Although I was still sad I couldn't watch ball, I understand why the game was called. It is moments like these when you realize that baseball is great, but friends, family, and God are definitely more important. It also makes you realize that athletes are people too, regular people with people who love them...we definitely lost sight of that sometimes.

The Brewers begin a 10-game homestand tonight against the Cardinals (on national TV!), and I will be watching of course. I hope that there is a moment of silence for Hancock, and that the team can move on past this tragedy by playing hard in his honor.

Twins 2-1 @ Tigers (14-11, 2nd in AL Central)
Brewers 2-1 @ Astros (15-9, 1st in NL Central)
Reds 2-1 @ Pirates (12-13, 2nd in NL Central)

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