Sunday, April 8, 2007

Bobblehead Mania gone too far?

I read an interesting blog on the Brew Crew myspace page earlier today that is worth checking out for any of you that are on MySpace. It brings up how if you were a Brewers fan, one would need to attend about 38 ballgames to collect all the paraphenelia this year (17 for bobbleheads alone!), which is far and away more than any other team in the majors. Personally, I think the Brewers are a decent enough team with a nice stadium that we are above the millions of gimmicks.

Now, Erik and I will be the first to tell you that at least 50% of the reason we attend games is for food and giveaways, and we always look forward to adding a little ceramic man to our collections, but I would have to agree that it's gone a bit too far. I know that if I lived in Milwaukee that I'd go broke this season trying to make it to every bobblehead night. I know the Brewers are doing a whole 1982 AL champs commemorative thing, but hey, let's keep it to like 4-5 bobbles a season from now on. And if you're going to do 20+ giveaways, bring back the good stuff! What ever happened to Seat Cushion Night!? Mug Night!? Bat Night!? Helmet Night!? UMBRELLA NIGHT!!!??? It seems like all we have now is bobbleheads, magnet schedules, and family four-pack days.

I know I still have my Brewers mitt, golf umbrella, and plethora of seat cushions lying around in the garage somewhere. Dear Crew and Major League Baseball, please bring back all the cheap plastic giveaways that only last long enough so that you can acquire a new one the next season. I'd really appreciate it and it would mean a lot to me. Fewer collectibles, more usable items. I want to be able to show my team pride in places other than my shelf. Also, the Major Leagues should not be above taking a page from their subsidiary, the Minor Leagues. I'm all for more Dollar Dogs Days, Fireworks Nights, and 2-for-1 Beer.

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