Friday, April 13, 2007

Indians take first "home" series at Miller Park

In the top of the 9th Tuesday, in front of a crowd of over 18,000 Milwaukeeans, closer Joe Borowski entered the ballgame from the left field bullpen to chants of "Bring in Wild Thing!" These Miller Park fans were obviously eluding to arguably the greatest baseball movie ever made, Major League, in which the Cleveland Indians called Milwaukee County Stadium home. Now nearly 18 years later, Brewers fans still remember, and I'm sure Joe Borowski was thinking "Hey, it's better than nothing."

The crowds and enthusiasm were something neither team expected, and Milwaukee did everything they did to make the Indians feel right at home...this time, the REAL Indians. With Sizemore in center instead of Willie "Mays" Hayes, and Marte getting the nod over Roger Dorn, the Indians took 2 out of 3 in their first "home" series of the year, in front of a total attendance of over 52,000 screaming fans. I know personally of at least two people that attended this $10-general admission series, and it sounds like it was an unparalleled experience - hey, as much as I hate the AL, it must have been nice for these fans to see a couple of offensive outbursts. Bernie Brewer even got into the act, sliding down from his chalet for every Cleveland homerun. The bookends of the series were C.C. Sabathia's pitching on Tuesday, and Travis Hafner's 3-run bomb yesterday afternoon.

The Indians will again try to play a series in Cleveland this weekend against the White Sox, and weather right now looks to be in the mid-40s with rain possible on Sunday. Certainly a warm welcome compared to what they've been having up there. Indians, it was great having you in our fair city, and hopefully this will inspire a movement for "Major League 4: Snowed In."

Twins v. Devil Rays
Brewers @ Cardinals
Reds @ Cubs

Twins W (6-3)
Brewers off
Reds off

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