Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Playoff Field is set

You thought last year's drama on Game 162 was wild, how about this year?  Miguel Cabrera secured the first Triple Crown in 45 years with a .330/44/138 line, and in doing so also probably locked up the AL MVP, and the Athletics completed the sweep of the Rangers to move in to first place for the first time all season and clinch the NL West title.  Whoever bet on the Orioles, A's, and Nationals to all go to the playoffs this year, and for the Nats to end with the best record in baseball, is a millionaire right now.  All three are exciting teams to watch.  I have a soft spot in my heart for the Nats since I lived in DC for a period of time, and for several years I've thought the A's were just about to turn the corner, so it's good to see that their all-rookie rotation was able to hold it together.  And who doesn't love Buck Showalter?  I love the parody of baseball and how a healthy farm system and young pitching is just as powerful in this sport as money is.  I'm really excited to see the smaller market teams go as far as they can in the playoffs, and of course I will be rooting for the Reds to win the World Series.  Wow, I am going to be blowing a lot of money on playoff gear this year!  And as an aside, I just want to say that I am really proud of my Brewers for digging themselves off the scrap heap and getting back into the hunt.  They got to within 1 1/2 games of the Wild Card with 2 weeks left in the season and got me really excited for next season.

#4 Braves v. #5 Cardinals
#1 Nationals v. Wild Card winner
#2 Reds v. #3 Giants

#4 Rangers v. #5 Orioles
#1 Yankees v. Wild Card winner
#2 Athletics v. #3 Tigers

World Series prediction: Nationals defeat A's in 5

Preseason Predictions
#1 Reds
#2 Phillies
#3 Diamondbacks
#4 Brewers
#5 Nationals
Diamondbacks over Reds in NLCS

#1 Angels
#2 Rays
#3 Tigers
#4 Yankees
#5 Rangers
Rangers over Tigers in ALCS

Diamondbacks defeat Rangers in 7

Brewers 83-79, -14.0, 3rd in NL Central
Reds 97-65, +9.0, winner NL Central (NLDS v. Giants)
Twins 66-96, -22.0, last in AL Central

Erik - 33
Peter - 40