Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Upcoming Indians Promotion

To celebrate Cleveland's greatest pitcher in team history, the Indians are giving away Ricky Vaughn glasses at the Jake tomorrow, April 25th in a game against the Rangers. Anyone who knows me knows that I was Wild Thing for Halloween last year (haircut, professional custom jersey, the whole 9 yards), and I wish I would have had these glasses at that time, rather then having to use white out for lightning bolts and to superglue a cheap skull on the front. Hopefully Charlie Sheen will be at the game to throw out the first pitch, although with his hit television show and his hilarious new Major League-themed DirectTV commercial, who knows if he has the time? I for one am glad Sheen is able to not only ride the success of this great movie for 18+ years, but to also still work in the process, unlike people such as Dustin Diamond who live in the past and collect Welfare checks.

Anyone out there who happens to attend this game, I will gladly buy these off of you. Otherwise I may have to resort to EBay, but who knows how much these would go for. Hopefully the giveaway is a success so that they can follow it up with "Eddie Harris Jar o' Crisco Day" and "Pedro Cerrano Jobu Statue Day."

Twins L (11-8)
Brewers W (12-7)
Reds off

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