Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Los Angeles Announcer

Last night I was in studio very late, and on this particular night I was still on the jazz after the Crew won their 4th straight game to take a 3-game lead in the division. So, I opted for watching more ball on MLB.TV rather than the radio. I turned on the Giants-Dodgers game around the 4th inning, and it proved to be a wise decision. I party chose the Dodgers broadcast over my other choice, the Padres, hoping to hear one of my favorite play-by-play guys, Charlie Steiner, formerly of ESPN. Instead, it was a different guy - Im not sure of his name but his voice was familiar - with no color guy either. Just him. It was a 5+ inning barrage of mindless Jeopardy trivia and hilarious anecdotes, and I was glued to my seat. In a short 2-hour span, I learned who the top 10 switch hitters are of all time (Omar Vizquel is #8 at 2,486), the whereabouts and life story of Giants closer Armando Benitez, and a pitch-by-pitch and year-by-year chronicle and interpretation of Matt Morris' pitching career. Every batter seemed to have some sort of useless statistic that Erik and myself would find hilarious - my favorite involved percentage of team wins at home when Juan Pierre gets on base after the 6th inning.

I am not sure who this man was announcing for FSN Prime Ticket, but kudos on a job well done, and thank you for keeping me entertained late at night when I'd rather be at the bar or in bed. It's hard to find a statistician, announcer, and color man all in one person, but you pulled it off successfully. I hope you do a Brewers-Dodgers telecast next time they play so I can learn the origins of Rickie Weeks' batting style and Bill Hall's career batting average with a pink bat.


Twins L (11-9)

Brewers W (13-7); largest division lead since 1990, latest team has been in lead since 1998, most games above .500 since 2004

Reds W (10-10)

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