Tuesday, March 13, 2007

War Room

What a way to spend a weekend! Friday and Saturday, March 2-3, Peter and I spent locked away in the baseball room at his house and planned out the trip. We had planned on starting in Minnesota, Milwaukee, or Chicago and making a clockwise circuit around the country. Things were going swimmingly until we got to California. You'd think with five major league teams and scores of minor league ones, we'd be able to make our way through the state fairly quickly. Unfortunately, the schedule makers conspired against us and we were held up waiting for a couple of the teams to come home from road trips. So...we reworked the schedule and made the journey into a figure 8 pattern, heading north from Texas to Saint Louis and Kansas City then west to Colorado, north to Seattle, and finally south through Cali. The planing was greatly aided by the keg of Leinie's Honey Weiss in Mr. Nagel's kegorator. We did manage to get a few breaks in to watch the Milwaukee Admirals defeat the Hamilton Bulldogs in minor league hockey action and a trip to the Landmark 1850 Inn, Milwaukee's oldest and greatest bar.

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pnagel2 said...

the best part by far was that we drank fo free all weekend. unfortunately, we couldnt work any double headers in there. but we did discover a new bar to tie one on at - Polonez.