Saturday, March 31, 2007

2007 Arrests & Suspensions Toteboard

True, baseball could never rival with the horrible track record of the NBA and the NFL (even if Bonds is ever found guilty of using steroids), but the MLB does have its fair share of questionable characters. Let's see how many times Milton Bradley's name ends up on the list this year.

1. Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa arrested - DUI

2. Former Expos/Red Sox/Philies pitcher Ugueth Urbina sentenced to 14 years in Venezuelan prison - attempted murder of five workers on family's ranch with machetes and gasoline.

3. Devil Rays reliever Juan Salas suspended 50 games - performance enhancing drugs (05/07)

4. Yankees reliever Scott Proctor tossed & suspended 4 games - intentionally threw ball at batter's head (05/07)

5. Yankees manager Joe Torre tossed & suspended 1 game - related to same incident (05/07)

6. Mets minor leaguer Lino Urdaneta (AAA New Orleans Zephyrs) suspended 50 games - performance enhancing drugs (05/16)

7. Cubs manager Lou Piniella tossed & suspended 4 games for "aggressive and inappropriate behavior" directed towards the umpires...basically, he lost it. (06/04)

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