Monday, March 19, 2007

Have More Fun Tailgating

This game was invented by my friend Joshua Huber and his friends in Rochester NY a few years ago. It is intended to be an alternative to overplayed drinking games like Cornhole and FlipCup. It's an extremely fun game to play at cookouts and tailgates.

(picture of Erik at 4th of July Frisbeer Tourney + Cookout this past summer at Josh's house)

(A) Setup:

1. place 2 empty glass bottles atop a bench, chair, ledge, etc., spaced 30-50 ft apart

2. a frisbee

3. lots of beer and plastic cups, at a location off to the side, equidistant from the benches

(B) Players:

- teams of 2, minimum of 2 teams (more for tournament style)

(C) Game Rules:

1. The teams shall set up by standing next to one of the benches/chairs/etc. that holds up heir team’s bottle.

2. Play begins with alternating members of each team taking turns with the frisbee trying to knock the other team’s bottle down from their respective position. A “knock-down” is defined by getting the bottle to fall on its side in any way; the frisbee does not have to hit the bottle directly, nor does the bottle have to fall all the way off of its perch.

3. Once somebody knocks the other bottle down, both members of the other team must run to wherever the beer is located, which should be poured into two plastic cups, filled about halfway. While the other team is chugging the beer, the member of the team who did not knock the bottle down must run to retrieve the frisbee and try to knock their own bottle off from the other team’s position.

4. When BOTH members other team finish the beer, they can run back and play “defense” on the 2nd bottle (the bonus point). Play continues until the 2nd bottle is knocked down from the other team’s position, or until the “defense” touches/catches the frisbee. The non-throwing member of the offensive team can do whatever necessary to keep the play alive, i.e. tackle/box out the defense, or play catch with his teammate in order to set up a better throwing position.

5. The game ends when one team gets to 11 points, and teams must win by 2. Each knockdown is good for 1 point, and the offensive team automatically wins the bonus point if the other team forgets to refill the beer cups after the play is dead.

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