Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Not something you see every day

Today, during the White Sox-Brewers game in Tucson AZ, Eduardo Perez hit a towering 3-run shot off of Chris Capuano in the 2nd inning. Upon rounding 1st, the 36-year old Perez high-fived his 1st base couch, and immediately cringed over in pain, and laid between first and second base for several minutes. Perez ended up leaving with a strained calf and required the assistance of a pinch runner to finish the homerun trot.

Not only were myself and the announcers in shock over something neither of us at ever seen, the true parody and happenstance of baseball shone through on this play. Had Craig Counsell not botched a throw on the previous play, Perez would not have had the at-bat, and thus probably would not have gotten hurt. However, this worked out well for Perez anyways. He was already hitting a ton this spring, and since this injury will sideline him for the rest of the Cactus League season, he will most definitely make the team based on his performance up until now.

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