Monday, March 12, 2007

About Peter

Peter grew up as a suburban Milwaukee kid for the first 22 years of his life. He attended high school and undergraduate school in Milwaukee, where he met Erik in winter 2003. These two bonded quickly, sharing a mutual passion for watching a ballgame and tying one on pretty much any day of the week. Baseball and partying were always Peter's two favorite sports, but Erik has proved invaluable in helping refine, sharpen, and enliven these two loves. Peter is prepared to graduate from the University of Cincinnati in June 2007 with a Masters in Architecture, and a minor in balltrip planning. Career aspirations include owning his own firm in the Midwest somewhere or in Washington DC and to own season ball tickets to whatever random team he ends up living within 20 miles of. Peter's hobbies include design, photography, drinking, ballgames, cooking, roadtrips, bowling, music, tailgating, and spending time with friends + family. Wherever Peter goes in life, this trip will certainly be something he tells his grandchildren about and an experience beyond belief. 77 days on the road with his best friend and his favorite yellow car watching ball is something that most people only dream of.

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