Friday, August 24, 2007

Day 61: Return to Colorado

All photos of the drive to Colorado available on Flickr.

It's hard to believe that we were in Colorado Springs just three weeks prior, and today we returned to the land of the Rocky Mountains and Mystery Octane gasoline. Although not quite as scenic of a drive through Colorado from the south as it is from the east, it was still a pretty nice journey up from Albuquerque, especially considering the incredibly boring terrain we'll be experiencing the next few days. We were supposed to have a good-bye lunch with Ben downtown before leaving, but he had a meeting, so we stopped at the local Hooters (#7 of the trip) and headed up I-25 around 1 PM for the 450-mile trek. The drive through Santa Fe and Taos was nice, but then it got a whole lot of boring between Taos and Pueblo, Colorado - I thought we had perhaps made a wrong turn into Indiana somewhere. Once we got past Pueblo towards Colorado Springs, the drive became more mountainous and we drove right past Pikes Peak and the Air Force Academy.

We arrived in Denver around 7:30, where it was 60 and raining, a far cry from when we left New Mexico earlier that day. We found a hotel really close to downtown that is actually pretty nice (besides the toilet seat being broken) for only $45 a night. Tomorrow we plan on walking around the state capitol and possibly touring the US Mint, and then exploring a popular area known as LoDo ("lower downtown") after the ballgame. It is an old warehouse district similar to the Pearl District in Portland and is supposed to be pretty cool.

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