Sunday, August 19, 2007

Day 57: Heading Back East

All photos of the drive to Arizona available on Flickr.

Today was the start of Week 9 of the tour and the beginning of the home stretch back east as we made our way into Arizona this morning. Aside from a random border patrol booth we had to stop at since I-8 is so close to Mexico, it was a pretty smooth ride through the desert and mountains. We arrived in Scottsdale around what we thought was 2 PM Mountain Time, but as we found out, southern Arizona is apparently independent of the entire time zone system, so we are actually still in "Pacific Time" until we hit New Mexico on Tuesday. Today we are just relaxing and doing some laundry here, and possibly hitting the pool later since neither of us has showered today and it is 105 degrees outside.

Tomorrow we plan on visiting Taliesin West and exploring Phoenix a bit during the day before heading to the game at 6:40 PM.

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Stu said...

Eisenmann is an ass, but that stadium is quite attractive.....
Glad to see you didn't get kidnapped in Mexico. Andale, andale, yeehaw, yeehaw!