Sunday, May 13, 2007

O Canada

National Television was not kind to the Twins yesterday. Not only were they thumped 8-2 by the Detroit Tigers, but also lost MVP first baseman Justin Morneau in the 8th inning. Third baseman Nick Punto had speared a hot liner and was attempting to double off Craig Monroe at first. His throw skipped off the turf, temporarily disappeared from Morneau's sight behind Monroe, and struck Morneau in the face. Blood was seen coming from his nose and Morneau left the game. Shortly afterwords, it was revealed that Morneau's nose was broken. Punto was mic'ed up by Fox and was later heard remarking to the third base umpire, "I can't get a hit to save my life and now I took the MVP out."

But Morneau was brought up in Canada as a hockey player and a hockey player wouldn't let something as little as a broken nose keep him out of the action. Thus, its only a small surprise that Morneau plans to play in tonight's game.

Update: Morneau did start tonight and had a whale of a game. He had three singles and a walk as the Twins beat the Tigers 16-4.

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