Thursday, May 10, 2007

Getaway Day Grab Bag

Time once again to see what's making headlines in baseball this past week.

The biggest story this week was obviously the signing of Roger Clemens. Amidst the probability of Karstens being out for the season, as well as Pavano missing his 3rd straight year, and with depleted bullpen, the Rocket decided to make another go of it for the Bronx Bombers. He is expected to make his first start for the Yankees the first weekend in June against the Red Sox. Here are some of the terms of the 44-year old Clemens' sweet deal:

- demanded to be the highest paid player in the game
- exact salary is $28,000,022 (he is #22)
- only has to make roadtrips when he pitches, and he doesn't have to travel with the rest of the team
- showing up for workouts and games where he doesn't pitch are optional
- paid condominum in full by team in Manhattan
- use of team private jet whenever he wants

Roger Clemens, much like Tiger Woods or Michael Jordan, is just one of those players where you can't say "it's about the money." His contract is ridiculous, but fans can't seem but always like him, because they know his work ethic is outstanding. He's only a #3 starter nowadays, but he's still one of the greates pitchers of all time, and a treat to watch - he will certainly help this ballclub.

There was a push this week to try to get alcohol banned from clubhouses throughout the Majors, following reports from Josh Hancock's toxicology report that he was driving drunk. The Cubs have already stepped up and enforced this rule, and personally I think it's a good idea. Hey, if I can't drink at work, they shouldn't be able to either. It's the safe thing to do, particularly now that David Wells has diabetes.

Bonds jacked two more this week, bringing him up to 745, and lastly...

The fun story this week is that the Mets (except Reyes) all decided to shave their heads in an effort to instill more team unity. Apparently the third best record in baseball wasn't enough. The photo of Shawn Green to the right with an obvious look of "haircut remorse" says it all. I wish the Red Sox would do this so that I can stop shivering every time I see Manny Ramirez.

Twins L (17-16)
Brewers W (24-10)
Reds L (14-20)

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