Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Derrick Turnbow Online Chat

Before last night's game with the Nationals (5th win in a row!), setup man D-Bow answered questions in an online chat. Major League Baseball has gone increasingly more global via the web in the past decade, and this is something MLB does about once a week. Turnbow had the honor last night. I typically don't read these because fan questions are stupid, but I knew in this case D-Bow would have some interesting answers to said stupid questions. Here are some of the highlights, and as you can probably imagine, most of the questions have to do with hair. This first question really rings true for me and Erik, since we've very much seen him doing this during several games.

Fan: "Do you really take power naps in the bullpen?"
Turnbow: "Sometimes, not all the time, but there will be some power naps on day games. It is part of my routine and keeps me focused."

Fan: "Ever thought about getting a mohawk?"
Turnbow: "No."

Fan: "There is a rumor out there that you hit the Pepsi sign on the scoreboard during batting practice -- is this true, or an urban legend? If it is true, do you ever lobby Yost to pinch-hit?"
Turnbow: "Yes, I was taking batting practice in 2005 during the Brewers On-Deck event before Opening Day and I hit the middle of the Pepsi sign on the scoreboard. I don't really lobby Ned to pinch-hit."

Fan: "When was the last time you got a haircut?"
Turnbow: "Spring Training was the last time, and I am due for another one real soon."

Fan: "Are you ever going to chop that mop?"
Turnbow: "No, not going to chop it, maybe just a trim here or there."

Twins W (17-15)
Brewers W (23-10)
Reds L (14-19)

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