Monday, September 26, 2016

Jose Fernandez Dies in Boating Accident

Tragic news shocked the baseball world yesterday as Marlins pitching phenom Jose Fernandez was mortally wounded in a yacht crash off the coast of Miami beach late Saturday night.  Not all details have been released yet, but what is known at this point is around 3 AM, a capsized boat was found at a jetty just outside of Miami Harbor.  Three bodies were discovered and identified as Jose and two of his friends.  The boat was not his and this is not believed to be an alcohol or drug induced accident at this point, merely just a case of the driver not seeing the rocks on the dark open water.

I'm scouring through my photos and memory bank and I don't believe I ever got to see Fernandez pitch live.  He wasn't yet on the Marlins when we were in Miami in 2012, and he did not start any of the 3 games in Milwaukee this year.  Although I'm sure if I had seen him pitch, I would have blocked it out of my memory by now because he would have undoubtedly have embarrassed the Crew.  Beyond just his pitching prowess - an All-Star 2 of his 3 full seasons, 2013 NL ROY, and a 2.58 career ERA - he will always be known for his love for the game, his jovial personality, and his courage in defecting him and his family from Cuba.  As a young man of Cuban descent playing his home games in Miami, he meant so much to the fans  and community down there and it was always an event every 5th day he pitched, even in a stadium that does not draw many fans.  There are a lot of heavy hearts around Major League Baseball right now and there was a moment of silence held at all 14 games yesterday in his honor, with the Marlins game being cancelled.  It was also announced by the team today that the entire roster will wear #16 for tonight's game vs. the Mets.  Fernandez is a talent and a character that won't soon be forgotten and will never be replaced.

As a baseball fan, it certainly makes you realize that it should never be taken for granted whenever you are a witness to a great player right in front of you.  You never know when a player could be traded, or worse yet his life taken too soon, and you may never get to see him play again.  The main reason I went to the entire Marlins series this year was to see Ichiro play for perhaps the last time, but it never once crossed my mind that at age 24, I would never have another opportunity to see Fernandez pitch.

Brewers 70-86, -29.5, eliminated (3 @ Rangers, 3 @ Rockies)
Reds 65-90, -34.0, eliminated (4 @ Cardinals, 3 v. Cubs
Twins 56-100, -34.5, eliminated (3 @ Royals, 3 @ White Sox)

Erik - 13 (+30 worked)

Peter - 33

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