Sunday, September 13, 2015

Baseball Returns to Montreal for 3rd Straight Season

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It was announced last week that the Blue Jays will be playing another exhibition series at Olympic Stadium in Montreal to start the 2016 season.  It is the 3rd straight year the Jays will be concluding their Spring Training schedule in Quebec, and this time their opponent will be the Boston Red Sox on April 1st & 2nd.  There was some speculation, due to the overwhelming popularity and sold out crowds in 2014-15, that this would be moved to a regular season series in 2016.  Even as an exhibition series, these are far from meaningless games for a city that has experienced a groundswell movement to bring a team back permanently.  Any opportunity to showcase baseball on an international stage is good for Montreal's prospects.

I've written several articles on this blog about how I think Montreal deserves another chance at an MLB team, and with each passing year that becomes more inevitable.  But I write today because there's a good chance I'll finally get to go there!  Erik and I are both getting married in the spring (not to each other), so we've naturally been kicking around different ideas for a bachelor ball trip.  But when this was announced it immediately moved up to the #1 option.  With my wedding being on April 16th and thus pretty early in the season, the timing could not be more perfect.  I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself, but the thought of visiting French Canada and Le Stade Olympique has us both very excited; it is an area and a stadium I have long had on my bucket list.  Erik and I both have a inexplicable fascination and admiration of Canada - we even made up our own song about Canada on the Tour that is a parody of "Kokomo" by the Beach Boys - but wherever we decide to go, it will be our first ball trip just the two of us in nearly 4 years, and it will be a blast.

UPDATE: Tickets purchased!!!  Can't wait!

Brewers 62-80 , -26.0, -20.5 WC (3 v. Cardinals, 3 v. Reds)
Reds 60-81, -27.5, eliminated (3 @ Giants, 3 @ Brewers)

Twins 73-68, -11.0, -1.0 WC (3 v. Tigers, 4 v. Angels)

Erik - 16 (+21 worked)

Peter - 40

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