Thursday, June 7, 2007

Getaway Day Grab Bag

Let's see what's in the news this week.

After being scratched from what was supposed to be his season debut on Monday at US Cellular Field due to groin problems, Roger Clemens will now make his debut in an interleague showdown against the Pirates at Yankee Stadium on Saturday. Hopefully this is on FOX Saturday baseball so I can watch that.

Ben Sheets was named the pitcher of the month, and Prince Fielder was named the player of the month for May, and Trevor Hoffman notched his 500th career save this week this past week.

Of course, the big news story was the Cubs dugout fiasco a few days ago. Michael Barrett and Carlos Zambrano, known league-wide for being major dicks, finally met in a showdown in the Cubs' dugout. Big Z didn't like how Mike was calling the game and was not pleased with the passed ball he had just allowed, and Barrett was less than thrilled with Zambrano's pitching performance that night. The two had a shoving match in the dugout, were separated, and then Barrett then continued the match in the clubhouse, where Michael subsequently beat the crap out of Zambrano, giving him two black eyes. Both players were fined. Also in an unrelated incident, Lou Pinella was handed his 60th career heave-ho and was handed a 4-game suspension by the MLB (see toteboard) for an on-field tirade. The team still somehow managed to take 2 of 3 at their home-away-from-home, Miller Park, this week.

A few things happening in my neck of the woods. Touted pitching prospect Homer Bailey will FINALLY make his major league debut on Friday against the "Mistakes by the Lake," the Cleveland Indians. I finally got to use my rainout tickets and actually see a ballgame in Dayton on Tuesday. The weather was gorgeous, the between-inning entertainment was unrivaled, the stadium was awesome, the food unparalleled. "A"s all around for the experience. The highlight of the game was in the 8th inning, when a man the Dragons call "Roofman" (shirts available in team shop) ran around the roof of the press box and showered the crowd with souveneir baseballs, all the while donned in a spandex one-piece suit and a cape. Of course, the walk-off homer in the 9th by the Dragons was pretty sweet, too.

Lastly.....I am graduating Saturday!!!!! This means that, for avid readers of this blog, posts will be few and far between until the start of the trip, which kicks off June 20th in Madison, Wisconsin.

Twins 29-29
Brewers 33-27
Reds 22-38

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